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‘Pencil’ begins with a crime in a classroom of a famous educational institution. An unseen person is shown stabbing to death a student. Siva (GV Prakash Kumar) begins narrating the story when the film leaps back by a few months. Nithin (Shariq Haasan) is the son of a Telugu film superstar, studying the same college as Siva.Siva, a brilliant student, has had rivalry with Nithin and his gang, notorious for their unscrupulous and arrogant ways.  Siva loves Maya (Sri Divya), but she hasn’t reciprocated to him even after two years. As Siva lovingly declares, he is not a bit agitated or angry even though Maya has spoken with him only twice in the last two years – that too, to call him stupid.Maya happens to discover that a classmate of her, a girl, hasn’t been able to pay the college fee because Nithin has been extortioning money from her by blackmailing with an MMS he had made secretly.  This brings Maya and Nithin in direct confrontation. On the other hand, Nithin uses the same trick to blackmail a lady lecturer, who is caught engaged in a romantic act with another lecturer whom she loves. As a matter of habit, Nithin does something that spoils Siva’s rare honour to give a presentation in UNESCO.