Guntur Talkies 2016 HD movie

Guntur Talkies 2016 HD movieGuntur Talkies 2016 HD movie

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The film completely revolves around Hari a 25-year-old pervert, who has an illicit relationship with a woman and; another man, Giri in his late 40s, whose wife eloped with a cloth store owner. Hari (Sidhu Jonnalagadda) and Giri (Naresh) do petty thefts to meet the ends of their livelihood. Hari meets Survarna (Rashmi), who is a sister of his illegal girlfriend and seduces her. While everything is going smooth, a twist in the tale arises when Hari and Giri unknowingly robs 5 lakhs each and a container, which is worth one crore rupees. Did they get caught?This forms the rest of the story.

Director : Praveen Sattaru

Producer : Raaj Kumar M

Music Director : Sri Charan

Cast: Rashmi Gautham, Siddhu, Shraddha Das