MySelf Pendu (2015) PUNJABI

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This is the story of two guys (Preet & Harpal) played by Preet Harpal & Ather Habib.[4] They belong to a middle-class family & have a very care free attitude. They are never serious towards life & future. They keep on making schemes which can make them live a luxurious life. Their father always try to teach them the facts of life so as to make them efficient & independent for at least those things which are necessary for daily life. On the other hand, their mother always supports them for whatever rubbish they do. First time Jaswinder Singh Bhalla is in double role.
Directed by:Surinder Rihal
Produced by:Surinder Rihal
Written by:Garry Grewal
Starring:Preet Harpal
Sayali Bhagat
Ather Habib
Satinder Satti
Music by:Nick Dhammu
Sham- Balkar 13 Db
Cinematography Harish Patel
Tejas Dattam, Shenty Kanwar, J Cee Dhanoa
Edited by Sarabjeet Sohal & Ramanjit Singh
Music Box Media Entertainment Co
Distributed by Sur Sangam Films
Release dates
4 September 2015
Country India

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