Friends 2016 HD movie

Download Friends 2016 HD movieFriends 2016 HD movie

Download Friends 2016 HD movie

R Madhesh’s Marathi directorial ‘Friends’, as the title suggests, is all about friendship and sacrifice. It opens with the bundle of positivity Neel (Joshi) bumping into Bhairavi (Gauri) on his way to Mumbai. It’s love at first sight for Neel and he asks his friend Raghu (Karande) to find out who the girl is. Meanwhile at his college, Neel meets Karan (Patil), the angry young man with a heart of gold. Though they start off on the wrong foot, Neel and Karan become best friends soon. On the other hand, Neel meets Bhairavi again and confesses his love…..

Starring:Swapnil Joshi & Sachit Patil. Directed by: R. Madhesh. Music by: Amit Raj, Nilesh Moharir & Pankaj Padghan.