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Download Wrong Number 2015 Full HD Movie

The story revolves around Sallu (Danish Taimoor) who hopes to make it big in the business of showbiz someday. However his plans have to face the wrath of his father Haji Aba (Javed Sheikh) a family inherited butcher who wants his son to either join the other men of the family and be a butcher or get some government job. Laila (Sohai Ali Abro)is the girl next door, who has a thing for Sallu but Sallu is not interested in her and wants to focus on his career. While Sallu and his story is set in Karachi there is another track in Lahore featuring Haya (Janita Asma) who flys to Karachi to receive Shehryar (also Danish Taimoor)who arrives from Sydney and who is all set to succeed his grandfather run the company Haya works at.Meanwhile a dreaded don Shera(Shafqat cheema) who hatches a plan to kidnap Sheheryar for his wealth and sends his top but lazy and fool henchmen(Danish Nawaz and Nauman Jaffery).But in vain as his henchman are betraying him to take his place in order.Then the story gets a bit twisted and the Wrong Number-ness kicks in.
Directed by Yasir Nawaz
Produced by Yasir Nawaz,Nida Yasir,Hassan Zia
Starring Danish Taimoor,Sohai Ali Abro,Janita Asma


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