The Trust 2016 Full HD Movie

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Download The Trust 2016 Full HD Movie

Sergeant David Waters and his boss/friend Lieutenant Jim Stone both work in the Evidence Management unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Disillusioned and bored with their jobs, they also find it hard to make ends meet. While going through case files, Jim comes to know of a drug dealer who has access to large amounts of money, as indicated by his bail receipt, which was paid in $200,000 cash.

Using his vacation days, Jim engages in a stint of undercover work at the same hotel as the drug dealer is employed and comes to discover that all of the merchandise the dealer and his gang move is taken to one building, and never moved again. David, after acquiring blueprints from the local planning office, discovers the dealer and his gang have built a large safe in the back of an industrial freezer in the building. Realising it is an easy hit, Jim and David scour items required for the heist, including a diamond tipped drill and unlicensed firearms, paying for them with illegally acquired cash from a corrupt colleague. They successfully break into the apartment above the freezer building and muffle its two occupants, but Jim ends up shooting and killing one after he attempts to escape. After a vicarious amount of drilling and the use of improvised explosives, are able to unlock and access the vault. David, who has become attached to the surviving female hostage, allows her to call her 3 year old son’s father to assure him that she is okay.
Directed by:Alex Brewer,Ben Brewer
Produced by:Molly Hassell,Braxton Pope
Written by:Ben Brewer,Adam Hirsch
Starring:Nicolas Cage,Elijah Wood,Sky Ferreira,Jerry Lewis,Kevin Weisman,Steven Williams