The Brothers Grimsby 2016

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Nobby Graves (Sacha Baron Cohen) has been separated with his brother Sebastian Graves 28 years ago. Nobby is a alcoholic person and started his own life, with his wife Dawn (Rebel Wilson) and 11 children, in the poor English town of Grimsby.

Sebastian is an MI6’s top agent, with the assistance of Jodie (Isla Fisher). After he eliminated the intended targets, Sebastian has an information from one of the targets about philantrohist Rhonda George (Penélope Cruz), who is the member of Maelstrom Syndicate and also she hosting the WorldCure event. Sebastian goes to the event and sees the hitman, later known as Pavel Lukashenko (Scott Adkins), plans to assassinate Rhonda with a gun, disguised as video camera, through remote control in the phone. As Sebastian prepares to shoot the camera, Nobby sees him and gives him a hug, accidentally shoots the the Jewish-Palestinian boy with AIDS named Schlomo Khalidi (Yusuf Hofri). The small of blood sprays goes to the guest Daniel Radcliffe’s mouth, giving him an AIDS.

The Graves brothers goes on the run from the authorities and the other assassins. They managed to reach the hiding spot, and tells Nobby to leave him so he can hide. Not wanting to lose his brother his again, Nobby goes home with Sebastian. Meanwhile, the MI6 believes that Sebastian gone rogue. The MI6 head orders an assassin Chilcott (Sam Hazeldine) to track Sebastian down. However, Sebastian calls Jodie and proclaims his innocence and she warns about Chilcott.

Chilcott and his men found them two at the pub. Sebastian and Nobby spotted them and runs away but Sebastian is hit with two poison darts in the process. Because of this, Nobby must suck the venom out of his body before 90 seconds into the heart failure with the poison.

The brothers travel to South Africa, after Jodie informs Sebastian that Lukashenko was doing a deal with Joris Smit (Nick Boraine) in Tshukaru Bush Lodge. Sebastian accidentally injects with the serum with heroine, supposedly to take bone serum for his broken ankle — after Nobby accidentally breaks it during on run at the WorldCure event. Nobby must assume his identity and go undercover.
Directed by:Louis Leterrier
Produced by:Sacha Baron Cohen,Peter Baynham,Ant Hines,Nira Park,Todd Schulman
Screenplay by:Sacha Baron Cohen,Phil Johnston
Story by:Sacha Baron Cohen,Peter Baynham,Phil Johnston
Starring:Sacha Baron Cohen,Mark Strong,Rebel Wilson,Penélope Cruz,Isla Fisher,Gabourey Sidibe