Shanghai Knights 2003 HD movie

Download Shanghai Knights 2003 HD movieShanghai Knights 2003 HD movie

Downlaod Shanghai Knights 2003 HD movie

In the 1880’s, Chon Wang’s father and keeper of the Imperial Seal has been murdered by Parliament and royal family member Rathbone, (who steals the Imperial Seal) with Chon Wang’s sister, Chon Lin, witnessing the murder. Chon Lin follows Rathbone to London to kill him, while sending Chon a letter telling him of the murder. Chon then travels to New York for Roy O’Bannon. Together they travel to England and meet up with Chon Lin to kill Rathbone and get the Imperial Seal back.

Director:David Dobkin

Writers:Alfred Gough (characters), Miles Millar (characters)

Stars:Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Fann Wong