Maut Ka Farishta 2016 HD movie

Maut Ka Farishta 2016 HD movieMaut Ka Farishta 2016 HD movie

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This Movie is dubbed from a south-indian movie.The story deals with Siddhartha son of K.P /Krishna Prasad a business magnate. Siddhartha comes back from states after so many years, Jyothi his childhood friend loves him very much but he just treats her as his friend. One day Siddhartha comes to known that his father is a Godfather to an Underworld Mafia syndicate by his friend David who is also killed by K.P, after Knowing the truth Siddhartha leaves home and reaches a forest where he falls in love with a tribal girl Basanti.Siddhartha comes back and becomes Godfather to syndicate, the remaining story is who he takes revenge against his enemies.

Starring: Nagarjuna, Shobana, Ayesha Jhulka, Krishnam Raju