King no.1Badshah 2016 HD movie

Download King no.1Badshah 2016 HD movieKing no.1Badshah 2016 HD movie

Download Badshah 2016 HD movie

Mafia leader Somnath (Raja Murad) picks up the orphan Shivaji (Mohan Babu) on the streets and takes him. Hemadri (Riaz Khan) is the son of Somnath and he is often jealous of the love showered on Shivaji by his father. Hemadri kills a judge in a fit of rage and Somnath punished him by giving the power of attorney to Shivaji.An enraged Hemadri plans to assassinate the entire family of Shivaji and he succeeds only in killing wife of Shivaji (Soundarya) and one son. Shivaji takes his other son and migrates from Vizag to Bailukuppe monastery (near Mysore) to become a monk. He changes his name to Shiv Shankar and donates all the money he inherited from his godfather to the monastery.

Starring:Mohan Babu, Soundarya, Natanya Singh, Raja Murad, Riaz Khan.