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Adi (R. Madhavan) is a failed boxer, who despite of being very talented fell victim of dirty politics in boxing association. Ten years later he is coach of women’s boxing team but is extremely angry and frustrated with the partiality in selection. Due to his rift with the association head Dev (Zakir Hussain), he has been falsely charged for sexual harassment and transferred to Chennai. Despite of very poor infrastructure, Adi manages to find talent in a road side fish seller Madhi (Ritika Singh), who he notices while thrashing a bunch of guys.

Ignoring Madhi’s elder sister Luxmi (Mumtaz Sorcar) a boxer for 8 years, Adi offers to train Madhi for few hours daily. But the two din’t get along, due to Adi’s ruthless training methods and Madhi’s aggressive nature. As a result, Madhi intentionally losses a zonal level match. Adi later asks Luxmi and Madhi’s parents to send them to stay in hostel with him, so they both can work hard on training. Madhi misunderstands him, but later regrets when she finds out that Adi has sold his bike to buy new training equipments for her. Madhi then dedicatedly starts training with Adi and also gets attracted towards him. On a day of a qualifier match she ends up proposing Adi, which he rejects. During warm-up before the match now jealous Luxmi injures Madhi’s arm, causing Madhi to loose. Angry Adi thinks that Madhi again lost intentionally and throws her out of training camp.
Directed by Sudha Kongara
Produced by S. Sashikanth,C. V. Kumar (Tamil),R. Madhavan (Hindi),Rajkumar Hirani (Hindi)
Written by Sudha Kongara,Arun Matheshwaran (Tamil dialogues)

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