Ranbanka 2016 HD movie

Download Ranbanka 2016 HD movieRanbanka 2016 HD movie

Download Ranbanka 2016 HD movie

Rahul, an engineer, tries his best to protect his wife from a goon feared by all. The goon wants to marry Rahul’s wife at any cost, and this doesn’t bother him whether she is already married or she has a son. In the process, Rahul tries to take help from the law, but all efforts go awry, and the tables turn on him. When finally everything goes against him and his wife, he turns into an angry man, who is on a rampage to protect his wife by all means, even if it means killing the goon, and giving him the worst death he can ever wish for.

Director:Aryeman Ramsay 

Writer:Shakir Ali

 Stars:Manish Paul, Ravi Kishan, Rudra Kaushik