Jaan-E-Mann 2006 HD movie

Download Jaan-E-Mann 2006 HD movieJaan-E-Mann 2006 HD movie

Download Jaan-e-Mann 2006 HD movie

Jaan-E-Mann (translation: Sweetheart or Darling or Beloved) is a 2006 Bollywood romantic comedy drama film starring Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta in the lead roles. The movie is directed by Shirish Kunder and is produced by Sajid Nadiawala. The film re-unites Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar post the success of Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (2004). This was Shirish Kunder’s first film as a director. He also edited and wrote the dialogues and screenplay.The first trailer released in late August and cost nearly Rs.4 million.The film released on 20 October 2006 on the festive weekend of Diwali/Eid. The DVD for the film released on 15 December 2006.Suhaan (Salman Khan) and Piya (Preity Zinta) fell in love in college and eloped. However, he has to keep his marriage a secret in order to further his career as a movie star and, when his career hits a low, he returns home to find out that she has left him. She does not answer his calls or letters, and he soon receives divorce papers in the mail.The film begins when Suhaan receives a notice saying his ex-wife Piya, who has settled in New York, wants a divorce settlement of 5 million rupees, since he failed to make his alimony payments due to his poor financial condition. Suhaan appeals to his uncle Boney (Anupam Kher), a midget lawyer, for help. As they try to figure out a solution, Agastya Rao (Akshay Kumar) lands at their doorstep searching for Piya. He reveals to them that he fell in love with Piya during his college days but could not express his love to her because she was in love with someone else, unaware that the person he lost her to was Suhaan.

Cast:Akshay Kumar as Agastya Rao (Champu),Preity Zinta as Piya and Preity Zintakova,Salman Khan as Suhaan Kapoor,Anupam Kher as Boney Kapoor (Suhaan’s lawyer & Uncle)