Hate Story 3 2015 HD Movie

Download  Hate Story 3 2015 HD MovieHate Story 3 2015 HD movie

Download Hate Story 3 2015 HD movie

The film starts of with a rich business tycoon Aditya Deewan (Sharman Joshi) and his wife Siya Deewan (Zarine Khan) inaugurating a hospital in the name of Vikram Deewan (Aditya’s elder brother who died in a crash), Aditya on the occasion tells a touching and inspiring story about his elder brother giving half of his liver to his best friend Karan in childhood.

Out of the blue a stranger Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover) gifts an expensive car to the Deewans’ and invites them to lunch. At lunch Saurav makes Aditya an absurd offer of spending one night with his wife Siya, in return of huge investment in Aditya’s business. Aditya angrily rejects the offer.

Saurav then starts plotting and plans to destroy Aditya’s business. He bribes one of Aditya’s factory worker to mix pesticides in his cola factory, forcing Aditya to shut down. Aditya puts all the blame in media on one of his trusted employee Kaya (Daisy Shah) and fires her. Kaya then joins Saurav’s revenge mission by passing on secret information of Aditya’s business. Kaya is also shown to be falling in love with Saurav. However later it is revealed that Kaya is still working for Aditya and is double crossing Saurav. Saurav also misguides Kaya by telling her a fake story about his sister committing suicide because of Aditya and uses Kaya to implicate Aditya further.

One day Aditya tells Kaya to transport money to a local politician for his business benefits. Saurav finds out about this and informs the income tax department causing a huge loss to Aditya. Kaya feels helpless as she failed to save her company. Saurav confronts Kaya for betraying him and blackmails her that he will get her arrested as he has the audio recording of her conversation with Aditya as proof of her playing part in the bribery of a politician. Kaya is blackmailed to call Aditya and tell him that she cannot work for him anymore and that she is tired of being a pawn in his game, and to also blackmail him of revealing that he was also part of the bribery of the politician. Saurav records that phone conversation also. Once Kaya does this Saurav assures her that he will take care of her however the next minute ends up murdering her by twisting her neck.

Director:Vishal Pandya
Writers:Vikram Bhatt,Anupam Saroj