Global Baba 2016 HD movie

Download Global Baba 2016 HD movieGlobal Baba 2016 HD movie

Download Global Baba 2016 HD movie

Global Baba is a social-satire, which through an extremely interesting and entertaining series of story-events lays forth before us some of the treacherous ways through which a lot of con-men in the guise of religious gurus wins blind faiths of gullible masses. It is also a deft & realistically crafted political thriller, which exposes the infamous nexus of religion and politics.

Global Baba, tells the story of Chillam Pehelwan, a seasoned criminal who after losing protection of his political bosses, takes refuge in the world of religion. Within no time Chillam Pehelwan as Global Baba manages to attract such a massive following of blind devotees that he becomes almost invincible & uncontrollable for anyone daring to challenge his insatiable greed for power.

The rational minded and ethical thinking minority of his opponents, gets a chance to contain this monster of a monk only when he plans to step out from the sensitive & secure domain of religion to the domain of electoral politics. How these handful of right thinking people stage a brilliant charade to expose the true face of this Godzilla of a God-man, makes a thoroughly entertaining and a thrilling climax to the story of Global Baba.

Director:Manoj Sidheswari Tewari
 Writer:Vishal Vijay Kumar
 Stars:Ravi Kishan, Pankaj Tripathy, Abhimanyu Singh