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Download Game 2011 HD movie

Istanbul-based Casino Owner, Neil Menon, needs approximately 20 million dollars to pay off loans; aspiring Thai Prime Ministerial Candidate, O.P. Ramsay, needs money to improve his and his party’s image; Bollywood actor, Vikram Kapoor, has to deal with flops and a guilty conscience; while London-based journalist, Tisha Khanna, must deal with drugs/alcohol issues after being arrested by the Police. The four receive written invitations from wealthy business magnate, Kabir Malhotra, to attend to his private island located in Samos, Greece. Hoping to improve their lives, they accept the invitation, arrive there, are met by Kabir’s assistant, Samara Shroff, and escorted to his mansion. That night three of them will be blamed for the death of a woman, Maya, Kabir’s estranged daughter; while Tisha will be told that she is Maya’s twin. Kabir will also inform them that an International Vigilance team will be arriving to carry out an investigation against them. While the four attempt to deal with these accusations and revelations – nothing will prepare them for the events that will occur in the next few hours.

Director:Abhinay Deo

Writers:Farhan Akhtar (dialogue), Javed Akhtar (lyrics)

Stars:Abhishek Bachchan, Kangana Ranaut, Anupam Kher