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The film opens with Vikrant Nerula (Bikramjeet Kanwarpal) entering the deserted hotel Grandiose all by himself. He proceeds to room 3046, then goes to the terrace and jumps off, killing himself.
Seven friends, Sam (Hasan Zaidi), Margesh(Ravish Desai), Achint(Nishant Malkani), Neel(Karan Kundra), Neena(Radhika Menon), Sonia (Nandini Vaid)and Maggie(Aparna Bajpai), reunite in a local pub after several years apart to celebrate the farewell of neel, who is going abroad. They learn about an abandoned hotel that is reportedly haunted through news on television. It had originally been a mental asylum for the criminally insane but was almost completely destroyed in a fire, the origin of which has never been fully explained. After years of neglect, the ruins were refurbished into a five star hotel by a builder who is Vikrant Nerula. The hotel was unsuccessful due to the strange happenings and drove the owner to suicide, though rumors state that he was pushed by the ghost of an asylum inmate.All of them took it as a serious thing except Maggie and Sam they said that they wouldn’t believe about the thing they have not seen, a worker of the bar said that-“you would not be alive to believe once you see it”. Sam suggested and the group decides to explore the abandoned building.

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Download Chudail Story  2016 Movie

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They tried to enter the hotel from the main door but they couldn’t so decided to enter by the back door and Neena observe strange things but Neel brushes her claims aside. They find a TV set on with no transmission or power and both Achint and Neel hear the sounds WELCOME.Ignoring it as mental concotion, they proceed to room 3046, a notorious suite room and there, Sam is killed first. The group flee in panic and shock and come to realize that they are trapped inside the hotel with no way out. Achint & Margesh try to go to the terrace to find the network where Margesh is killed by ghost spirits and the group start being terrorized by a ghostly woman. Sonia is dragged into the darkness by the ghost. With three people dead, the remaining four find an abandoned jeep, which they use to try to get out of the hotel amid ghostly apparitions. After a tiring drive through misty areas, the group reach someplace new, only to find that they are back at the door of room 3046. They realize that the only way to escape is to survive till dawn.